Hunt Database

Aber Valley HuntFoxhounds
Airedale BeaglesBeagles
Albany and West Lodge Bassets(Disbanded)Bassets
Albrighton and Woodland HuntFoxhounds
Ampleforth BeaglesBeagles
Armagh and Richhill BeaglesBeagles
Ashford Valley Tickham HuntFoxhounds
Atherstone Hunt(Disbanded)Foxhounds
Avon Vale HuntFoxhounds
Axe Vale HuntHarriers
Badsworth and Bramham Moor Hunt(Merged)Foxhounds
Badsworth, Bramham, York South HuntFoxhounds
Banwen Miners Hunt(MDBA Member)Foxhounds
Barlow HuntFoxhounds
Beaufort HuntFoxhounds
Bedale HuntFoxhounds
Belvoir HuntFoxhounds
Berkeley HuntFoxhounds
Berwickshire HuntFoxhounds
Bewcastle HuntFoxhounds
Bicester Hunt with Whaddon ChaseFoxhounds
Bilsdale HuntFoxhounds
Black Combe and District BeaglesBeagles
Black Mountain BassetsBassets
Blackmore and Sparkford Vale HuntFoxhounds
Blankney HuntFoxhounds
Blean BeaglesBeagles
Bleasdale BeaglesBeagles
Blencathra FoxhoundsFoxhounds
Bolebroke BeaglesBeagles
Border Counties Mink HoundsMinkhounds
Border HuntFoxhounds
Braes of Derwent HuntFoxhounds
Brecon and Talybont HuntFoxhounds
Brighton Storrington Surrey and North Sussex BeaglesBeagles
Britannia BeaglesBeagles
Brocklesby HuntFoxhounds
Buccleuch HuntFoxhounds
Burton HuntFoxhounds
Caerphilly and District HuntFoxhounds
Cambridgeshire Hunt with Enfield ChaceFoxhounds
Carmarthenshire HuntFoxhounds
Catterick BeaglesBeagles
Cattistock HuntFoxhounds
Cheriton HuntMinkhounds
Cheshire BeaglesBeagles
Cheshire Forest HuntFoxhounds
Cheshire HuntFoxhounds
Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray HuntFoxhounds
Chilmark and Clifton Foot BeaglesBeagles
Christ Church and Farley Hill BeaglesBeagles
Claro Beagles(Disbanded)Beagles
Cleveland HuntFoxhounds
Clifton-on-Teme HuntFoxhounds
Clinkard Meon Valley Beagles(Merged)Beagles
College Valley and North Northumberland HuntFoxhounds
Colne Valley Beagles(Merged)Beagles
Coniston FoxhoundsFoxhounds
Cotley HuntFoxhounds
Cotswold HuntFoxhounds
Cotswold Vale Farmers HuntFoxhounds
Cottesmore HuntFoxhounds
County Down StaghoundsStaghounds
Courtenay Tracy HoundsMinkhounds
Crawley and Horsham HuntFoxhounds
Croome and West Warwickshire HuntFoxhounds
Culmstock HuntMinkhounds
Cumberland Farmers Hunt(Merged)Foxhounds
Cumberland Hunt(Merged)Foxhounds
Cumbria BeaglesBeagles
Curre and Llangibby HuntFoxhounds
Cury HuntFoxhounds
Cwrt Y Cadno Farmers HuntFoxhounds
Dalston Minkhounds(Disbanded)Minkhounds
Dart Vale and South Pool Harriers(Merged)Harriers
Dart Vale, South Pool & Modbury HarriersHarriers
Dartmoor HuntFoxhounds
David Davies HuntFoxhounds
De Burgh and North Essex HarehoundsBassets
Derbyshire Nottinghamshire and Staffordshire BeaglesBeagles
Derwent HuntFoxhounds
Devon and Cornwall Mink HuntMinkhounds
Devon and Somerset StaghoundsStaghounds
Dove Valley Mink HoundsMinkhounds
Dulverton Farmers HuntFoxhounds
Dulverton West HuntFoxhounds
Dumfriesshire and Stewartry HuntFoxhounds
Dummer BeaglesBeagles
Dungannon FoxhoundsFoxhounds
Dunston HarriersHarriers
Dwyryd HuntFoxhounds
East Antrim HuntHarriers
East Cornwall HuntFoxhounds
East Devon HuntFoxhounds
East Down HuntFoxhounds
East Essex HuntFoxhounds
East Kent with West Street HuntFoxhounds
East Lincs Basset HoundsBassets
East Sussex and Romney Marsh HuntFoxhounds
Eastern Counties Minkhounds(Disbanded)Minkhounds
Easton Harriers Hunt(Disbanded)Harriers
Ecclesfield BeaglesBeagles
Eggesford HuntFoxhounds
Eglinton HuntFoxhounds
Emlyn BeaglesBeagles
Eryri HuntFoxhounds
Eskdale and Ennerdale FoxhoundsFoxhounds
Essex and Suffolk HuntFoxhounds
Essex Farmers and Union Hunt(Merged)Foxhounds
Essex Hunt(Merged)Foxhounds
Essex with Farmers and Union HuntFoxhounds
Eton College BeaglesBeagles
Exmoor FoxhoundsFoxhounds
Farndale Hunt(Disbanded)Foxhounds
Fernie HuntFoxhounds
Fife FoxhoundsFoxhounds
Fitzwilliam (Milton) HuntFoxhounds
Flint and Denbigh HuntFoxhounds
Forest and District Beagles(Disbanded)Beagles
Four Burrow HuntFoxhounds
Four Shires Basset HoundsBassets
Gelligaer Farmers HuntFoxhounds
Glamorgan HuntFoxhounds
Glyn Celyn BeaglesBeagles
Goathland and Glaisdale HuntFoxhounds
Gogerddan HuntFoxhounds
Golden Valley HuntFoxhounds
Grafton HuntFoxhounds
Granta Harriers(Disbanded)Harriers
Grove and Rufford HuntFoxhounds
Hampshire HuntFoxhounds
Hampshire Mink HoundsMinkhounds
Haydon HuntFoxhounds
Herefordshire HuntFoxhounds
Heythrop HuntFoxhounds
High Peak HuntHarriers
Holcombe HuntHarriers
Holderness HuntFoxhounds
Holme and Colne Valley BeaglesBeagles
Holme Valley Beagles(Merged)Beagles
Hunsley Beacon BeaglesBeagles
Hursley Hambledon HuntFoxhounds
Hurworth HuntFoxhounds
Ilminster BeaglesBeagles
Irfon and Towy HuntFoxhounds
Isle of Wight Foot Beagles(Disbanded)Beagles
Isle of Wight HuntFoxhounds
Iveagh FoxhoundsFoxhounds
Jed Forest HuntFoxhounds
Kent and Sussex Mink HoundsMinkhounds
Killultagh Old Rock and Chichester HuntFoxhounds
Kimblewick HuntFoxhounds
Kincardineshire FoxhoundsFoxhounds
Lambo BeaglesBeagles
Lamerton HuntFoxhounds
Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire FoxhoundsFoxhounds
Lauderdale HuntFoxhounds
Leadon Vale BassetsBassets
Ledbury HuntFoxhounds
Liddesdale HuntFoxhounds
Llandeilo Farmers HuntFoxhounds
Llangeinor Pentyrch HuntFoxhounds
Ludlow HuntFoxhounds
Lunesdale FoxhoundsFoxhounds
Magor Moorland BeaglesBeagles
Melbreak FoxhoundsFoxhounds
Mendip Farmers HuntFoxhounds
Meynell and South Staffordshire HuntFoxhounds
Mid Antrim HuntHarriers
Mid Devon HuntFoxhounds
Mid Wales and Glamorgan Mink HoundsMinkhounds
Middleton HuntFoxhounds
Minehead HarriersHarriers
Modbury Harriers(Merged)Harriers
Monmouthshire and Valley BeaglesBeagles
Monmouthshire HuntFoxhounds
Moorlands HuntFoxhounds
Morpeth HuntFoxhounds
Mr Elliott’s Harriers(Disbanded)Harriers
Nantcol Valley FoxhoundsFoxhounds
New Forest BeaglesBeagles
New Forest HoundsFoxhounds
Newcastle and District BeaglesBeagles
Newry HuntHarriers
Norfolk Beagles Hound ClubBeagles
Norfolk Mink HoundsMinkhounds
North Bucks BeaglesBeagles
North Cornwall HuntFoxhounds
North Cotswold HuntFoxhounds
North Cumberland HuntFoxhounds
North Dartmoor Beagles(Disbanded)Beagles
North Devon BeaglesBeagles
North Down HuntFoxhounds
North Herefordshire Hunt(Merged)Foxhounds
North Ledbury Hunt(Merged)Foxhounds
North Lonsdale FoxhoundsFoxhounds
North Norfolk HarriersHarriers
North Pennine FoxhoundsFoxhounds
North Shropshire HuntFoxhounds
North Staffordshire HuntFoxhounds
North Tyne HuntFoxhounds
North Warwickshire Beagles(Disbanded)Beagles
Northamptonshire Mink HoundsMinkhounds
Northern Counties HuntMinkhounds
Oakley Foot BeaglesBeagles
Oakley HuntFoxhounds
Old Berkeley BeaglesBeagles
Old Berkshire HuntFoxhounds
Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent HuntFoxhounds
Palmer Marlborough & Clinkard Meon Valley BeaglesBeagles
Palmer Marlborough Beagles(Merged)Beagles
Park BeaglesBeagles
Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire MinkhoundsMinkhounds
Pembrokeshire HuntFoxhounds
Pendle Forest and Craven HuntHarriers
Pennine FoxhoundsFoxhounds
Pentyrch Hunt Club(Disbanded)Foxhounds
Per Ardua Beagles(Disbanded)Beagles
Percy HuntFoxhounds
Pevensey Marsh Beagles(Disbanded)Beagles
Pimpernel BeaglesBeagles
Pipewell Foot BeaglesBeagles
Portman HuntFoxhounds
Puckeridge HuntFoxhounds
Purbeck and Bovington BeaglesBeagles
Pytchley Hunt(Merged)Foxhounds
Pytchley with Woodland HuntFoxhounds
Quantock StaghoundsStaghounds
Quorn HuntFoxhounds
Radley College BeaglesBeagles
Radnor and West Hereford HuntFoxhounds
Rockwood HarriersHarriers
Ross HarriersFoxhounds
Route HuntHarriers
Royal Agricultural College BeaglesBeagles
Royal Artillery HuntFoxhounds
Royal Rock Beagles(Disbanded)Beagles
Ryeford ChaseBeagles
Saltersgate Farmers HuntFoxhounds
Sandhurst and Aldershot BeaglesBeagles
Seavington HuntFoxhounds
Sennybridge Farmers HuntFoxhounds
Severn Vale BeaglesBeagles
Shropshire BeaglesBeagles
Silverton HuntFoxhounds
Sinnington HuntFoxhounds
Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn’s HuntFoxhounds
South and West Wilts HuntFoxhounds
South Cornwall Hunt(Disbanded)Foxhounds
South Devon HuntFoxhounds
South Dorset HuntFoxhounds
South Durham HuntFoxhounds
South Herefordshire Hunt(Disbanded)Foxhounds
South Notts HuntFoxhounds
South Pembrokeshire HuntFoxhounds
South Shropshire HuntFoxhounds
South Tetcott HuntFoxhounds
South Tyrone FoxhoundsFoxhounds
South Wold HuntFoxhounds
Southdown and Eridge HuntFoxhounds
Spooners and West Dartmoor HuntFoxhounds
Staintondale HuntFoxhounds
Stevenstone HuntFoxhounds
Stoke Hill and North Dartmoor BeaglesBeagles
Stokesley Farmers Beagles(Disbanded)Beagles
Stour Valley BeaglesBeagles
Stowe BeaglesBeagles
Strathappin FoxhoundsFoxhounds
Suffolk HuntFoxhounds
Sunnyland BeaglesBeagles
Surrey Union HuntFoxhounds
Tanatside HuntFoxhounds
Taunton Vale HarriersHarriers
Taunton Vale HuntFoxhounds
Taw Vale BeaglesBeagles
Tedworth HuntFoxhounds
Teme Valley HuntFoxhounds
Teme Valley MinkhoundsMinkhounds
Tetcott HuntFoxhounds
Three Counties Mink HoundsMinkhounds
Three Dales MinkhoundsMinkhounds
Thurlow HuntFoxhounds
Tiverton HuntFoxhounds
Tiverton StaghoundsStaghounds
Tivyside HuntFoxhounds
Torrington Farmers HuntFoxhounds
Towy and Cothi HuntFoxhounds
Tredegar Farmers Hunt(Disbanded)Foxhounds
Trinity Foot and South Herts BeaglesBeagles
Tynan and Armagh HuntFoxhounds
Tynedale HuntFoxhounds
Tynedale Mink HuntMinkhounds
Ullswater FoxhoundsFoxhounds
United PackFoxhounds
Vale of Clettwr HuntFoxhounds
Vale of Lune HuntHarriers
Vale of White Horse HuntFoxhounds
Valley BeaglesBeagles
Valley Mink HoundsMinkhounds
Vectis Foot BeaglesBeagles
Vine and Craven HuntFoxhounds
Warwickshire BeaglesBeagles
Warwickshire HuntFoxhounds
Waveney HarriersHarriers
Wealden Mink HoundsMinkhounds
Weardale and Tees Valley BeaglesBeagles
Wensleydale FoxhoundsFoxhounds
West Down Beagles(Disbanded)Beagles
West Norfolk HuntFoxhounds
West of Yore Hunt(Merged)Foxhounds
West Percy HuntFoxhounds
West Somerset BeaglesBeagles
West Somerset HuntFoxhounds
West Somerset Vale Hunt(Merging)Foxhounds
West Wales MinkhoundsMinkhounds
Westerby BassetsBassets
Western HuntFoxhounds
Weston and Banwell Harriers(Merging)Harriers
Wheatland HuntFoxhounds
Wilton HuntFoxhounds
Wiltshire and Infantry BeaglesBeagles
Woodland Pytchley Hunt(Merged)Foxhounds
Woolaston BassetsBassets
Worcestershire HuntFoxhounds
Wye BeaglesBeagles
Wyre Forest BeaglesBeagles
York and Ainsty North Hunt(Merged)Foxhounds
York and Ainsty South Hunt(Merged)Foxhounds
York North & West of Yore HuntFoxhounds
Ystrad Taf Fechan Hunt(Disbanded)Foxhounds
Zetland HuntFoxhounds