Anti-Hunt Books

Outfoxed Again: Winning for Animals by Mike Huskisson

Outfoxed Again: Winning for Animals

Mike Huskisson

This is the sequel to Outfoxed Take Two and details the author’s campaigning from 1984 to 2005. It tells of his work, the work of the Animal Cruelty Investigation Group and the work of colleagues. It will interest front line campaigners – and those who support them.

2017 | Animal Welfare Information Service

Outfoxed Take Two by Mike Huskisson

Outfoxed Take Two

Mike Huskisson

This book is built on the author’s original 1983 Outfoxed. This new work still ends at the end of 1983 but includes extra words and extra pictures. This book will help you understand how hunting really works. It will also help you understand the birth of the worldwide Animal Rights movement in the UK in the early 1970s.

2015 | Animal Welfare Information Service

Save Our Stags by Ian Pedlar

Save Our Stags

Ian Pedlar

Stag hunting has always been the most hated bloodsport. The book takes the story from the start of Henry Salt’s 1891 campaign against the Royal Buckhounds through to the post-2004 ban machinations of the Countryside Alliance. Covers every aspect of the story from the earliest attempts at parliamentary legislation in 1883, the formation of the League Against Cruel Sports, culminating in the final push to abolition.

2008 | Black Daps Press

Bad Hare Days by John Fitzgerald

Bad Hare Days

John Fitzgerald

After years of an abusive sport, which resulted in its child-like death screams being heard regularly throughout Ireland, a result was achieved. The author writes about one of the ‘world’s most barbaric blood sports’ continuing during a deadly period for the hares, the 1980s. His own peaceful action and that of, initially, a few others’ did arouse the public and achieve what at first appeared to be a hard-won benefit to the hare.

2008 | Olympia Publishers

The Rich at Play: Foxhunting, land ownership and the Countryside Alliance

The Rich at Play: Foxhunting, land ownership and the Countryside Alliance

Mark Metcalf

The history of foxhunting and land ownership in Britain, including the politics behind the Countryside Alliance.

2002 | Revolutions Per Minute

Outfoxed by Mike Huskisson


Mike Huskisson

Outfoxed an account of the author’s work to expose the cruelty inherent in the bloodsports of foxhunting, staghunting, harehunting, minkhunting and harecoursing in England from 1981 to 1983. At the time it was quite a novel idea to join the world of hunting, that the author wholly opposed, simply in order to film, photograph and report the cruelty that occurred in order to bring it to the attention of the public.

1983 | Michael Huskisson Associates

After Their Blood: A survey of blood sports in Britain

After Their Blood: A survey of blood sports in Britain

Leslie Pine

The brief case against field sports by a former managing editor of Shooting Times magazine. Chapters include: The blood sports in Britain today; A hunt to the death; Hare hunting; Pursuit of the stag; Fox hunting; Game shooting; Wildfowling; Commercial background of blood sports; Organization or rural sports; Developments in blood sports in the present century; The argument, nature is cruel, so why not.

1966 | Kimber

Killing for Sport

Killing for Sport

Various Writers, edited by Henry S. Salt

Classic Humanitarian League essays by leading authorities Henry Salt, Ernest Bell, George Greenwood, and more, regarding the whole question of “sport” which involve the death or torture of sentient beings. Includes ‘The callousness of fox-hunting’, ‘Blood sports at schools’ and ‘The destruction of wildlife’. The appendix gives 13 sophisms used by hunters who claim that hunting is justified.

1914 | George Bell & Sons Ltd (Available via reprints)

Also Recommended

Wildlife Crime by Dave Dick

Wildlife Crime

Dave Dick

Through the professional life of Dave Dick, the RSPB’s Senior Scottish Investigation Officer between 1984 and 2006, the often murky world of wildlife crime is revealed. This book faces up to the realities of the often unsuccessful efforts by the justice system in its attempt to stop these crimes. However black comedy and lighter moments prevent this being just another catalogue of man’s inhumanity to nature.

2012 | Whittles Publishing

Badgered to Death

Badgered to Death: The People and Politics of the Badger Cull

Dominic Dyer

Dominic Dyer, chief executive of the Badger Trust, picks apart the science and politics behind the badger cull. He exposes the cruelty and cynicism central to Britain’s most controversial wildlife policy and clears badgers of blame for rising levels of TB in cattle. He shines an unflattering light on the unhealthy close relationship between the NFU and Defra. Foreword by Chris Packham.

2016 | Canbury Press

Silent Fields: The long decline of a nation's wildlife

Silent Fields: The long decline of a nation’s wildlife

Roger Lovegrove

This remarkable book is about that war of attrition against the native mammals and birds of England and Wales from the Middle Ages to the present day. There is a widespread knowledge about the huge declines in popular species such as song birds, farmland birds, otters, and pine martens, however, there is less understanding about the deep-rooted causes of these losses, or about the complex relationship between mankind and these species.

2008 | Oxford University Press

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