EXposing Stag Hunting

North Dorset Hunt Sabs investigation into cruel stag-hunting has been published in the Independent. Features Wildlife Guardian footage too!

Hunted Stag

EXposing Fox Hunting on MOD Land

Sign PROTECT THE WILD petition to end hunting on MOD land

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wildlife Guardian EXposing Staghunting

Daming video footage from Wildlife Guardian investigators was the basis for a Channel 4 News story on this cruellest of blood sports.

Staghunting on Channel 4 News


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A Guide to Cubbing

Cub hunting, the start of the fox hunting season, is underway in secret. No meet cards are produced and only a few hunt members will attend.

Our brief video provides everything you need to know.

If you’ve any cubbing meets or information please contact us.

A vixen and her fox cubs venture out

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