CPS must start to hunt the hunters

Penny Little responds to the claim by Peter Lewis, Chief Executive of the Crown Prosecution Service, that it is wrong to imply that the CPS is “reluctant to, and does not, prosecute hunting offences”.

The cost of preventing cruelty in the UK

Alan Kirby of Protect Our Wild Animals explains the background to the successful RSPCA prosecution against David Cameron’s favourite hunt and the failings of the British justice system.

DEATH OF A HERO – Kevin Saunders

It is with the greatest regret that I have to announce the death of Kevin Saunders, the Press Officer of the League Against Cruel Sports in the 1990s.

GWCT scientist clutching at straws

Jonathan Reynolds, senior research scientist at the shooting industry’s Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, commented: “We don’t know why they [foxes] are getting bigger, but one possible explanation is that they are getting better fed in urban areas.”

BBC regurgitate bloodsport propaganda as news

On the subject of hunting with hounds, impartiality is rarely a consideration for the BBC, almost every one of their regular reports on hunting leads with the pro-hunt viewpoint with a token quote from a wildlife advocate for ‘balance’.

RBS chief Stephen Hester at play

After being hounded by the media and politicians alike, RBS chief Stephen Hester has reluctantly waived his £963.000 bonus for 2011. It appears that the fox-hunt fanatic isn’t too keen on hunting when he’s the quarry.

Badger Cull: Shropshire Star misleading its readers

On the day much of the media were reporting on the jailing of four thugs who were caught laughing as their dogs tore badgers to pieces, the Shropshire Star found a wildlife site owner who was happy to denigrate badgers.

Attention-seeking Quentin Letts loses the plot again

Daily Mail hack Quentin Letts can usually be found getting his knickers in a twist over some nonsense that even Theresa May would be embarrassed to mention. This time it concerns the arrest of ‘middle-class pillars.’