Holcombe Hunt kill a hare

Pressure mounts on Wildlife Trust chairman connected to hunts

A petition seeking to remove the Chairman of Kent Wildlife Trust has hit 4,500 signatures since its launch on June 17.

Convicted foxhunter Peter White invited to meeting with Mark Spencer MP and Michael Gove

Defra minister attends meeting with convicted foxhunter

Tory MP Mark Spencer and Michael Gove, the newly appointed secretary of state at Defra, attended a meeting of farmers including a convicted terrierman.

Jedforest Hunt guilty Johnny Riley and John Clive Richardson

Jedforest Huntsmen found guilty of fox-hunting charge

Two huntsmen from the Scottish Borders have been found guilty of breaching fox-hunting law.


Age distribution of hounds at three typical fox hunts

The cost of preventing cruelty in the UK

Alan Kirby of Protect Our Wild Animals explains the background to the successful RSPCA prosecution against David Cameron's favourite hunt and the failings of the British justice system.

Jim Barrington

James Barrington – Countryside Alliance ‘Animal Welfare Consultant’

Just as predictable as badger baiters claiming they were only 'hunting rabbits' are the articles and letters by James Barrington regurgitating his past.


Red Kites targetted by shooters

Red kite shot dead in North Yorkshire

The bird of prey was discovered near Greenhow in Nidderdale.

Buzzard in flight

Police appeal after buzzard shot in Nidderdale, North Yorkshire

Police in North Yorkshire are appealing for information after the discovery of a bird of prey that was killed illegally.

Quin the cat is recovering after surgery.

Cat loses leg after getting caught in illegal animal trap

A cat has lost a leg after getting caught in an illegal animal trap just outside Limavady, Co Londonderry.

Terrier Work

Terrier Work Fox

Man stabbed fox to death to prevent suffering after dogs attacked it

Two men have been found not guilty of animal welfare and hunting offences after a fox was dug out of a hole and stabbed to death.

The charity Scottish Badgers said that it identified 134 offences between 2012 and 2015

Charity highlights problem of illegal badger-baiting by criminal gangs

MSPs will be told next week that not enough is being done to combat the illegal practice of badger baiting by criminal gangs in Scotland.

Parson Russell Terrier Elf is believed to have spent most of her life finding badgers in their setts

Dog found with missing jaw after ‘being battered by badger baiting

A dog believed to have been used for badger baiting has been found with part of her jaw missing in Brownhills.