The terrierman for the North Cotswold Hunt has been given a police caution after driving a quad bike into hunt saboteurs.

Will Haines admitted the offence which took place in December 2016.

Video taken by the Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs shows several hunt terriermen wearing balaclavas and Haines deliberately driving his quad bike into the back of saboteur.

The footage also shows Calvin Crossman, the hunt falconer, actions that led to a female saboteur attended Gloucester hospital with suspected concussion and a swollen jaw.

West Mercia Police dropped the case against Crossman, claiming it is unclear how he and the saboteur ended up on the floor, whether he intended to hit her in the face and whether he did actually knee her in the groin. Why Crossman wasn’t charged with assault for his behaviour in the run-up to the fall. 

The violence is believed to have been sparked by a previous incident in October 2016 when terriermen were caught attempting to dig out an active badger sett in order to get to the hunted fox who had sought shelter within the sett.

Hunt Details: North Cotswold Hunt

Source: Three Counties Hunt Sabs