A KENNEL huntsman responsible for more than 100 dogs has been found guilty of animal cruelty.

Philip Simmonds, who is in charge of the welfare of hunting dogs at The Kennels in Cambridge Road, Barton, denied six charges involving unnecessary suffering to three pack dogs in his care.

During the three-day trial, Cambridge Magistrates heard Simmonds stitched a six-inch gaping wound on a beagle’s leg without giving the dog a local anaesthetic – an operation that should only be performed by a vet in an emergency.

They were told the 51-year-old caused a second beagle unnecessary suffering by delaying having it put down when it was terminally ill with kidney failure and heart problems.

In the third case, Simmonds was accused of causing suffering to a mink hound by failing to have it treated for chronic ear problems. The dog had to be put down following an RSPCA visit.

Simmonds was charged with the offences after he was reported to the RSPCA by a helper at the kennels.

Simmonds claimed his accucers were liars with an axe to grind.

But yesterday (Wednesday, 21 December), Presiding Magistrate Catie Whiteley found Simmonds guilty of all charges and delayed sentencing to January 19.

A statement from Simmonds’ employers at the kennels said: “As his employers we are very disappointed with the outcome of the trial. We are confident that at all times Philip acted in what he believed to be the best interests of the welfare of the animals involved. We have to wait for the probationers’ report but are considering an appeal.”

Source: Cambridge News

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