A young deer was savaged by dogs belonging to the Cumbrian Beagles and later died on Boxing Day.

Local hunt saboteurs attended the hunt at the Howes, near Penrith, Cumbria, had warned the hunt master, who was intending to hunt hares, that there was a young deer in the area that could be at risk if the hunt were to continue. The master took no notice.

At around 2.15pm, the young deer that had been seen earlier was spotted in front of the pack. The deer ran, followed by the pack in full cry. Protestors caught up with the pack which had caught the deer and was in the process of savaging its rear end, and picked the animal from the middle of the attacking hounds. The animal was squealing in pain. The area was a mass of fur and bits of flesh; one hound was seen eating the remnants of the deer’s tail.

The deer was taken back to a car and driven to Penrith in search of a vet, but died around 40 minutes later in the arms of a protestor.

Hunt Master John Hume said (in the Cumberland and Westmorland Herald) that saboteurs were to blame for the incident and that, ‘The deer may well have been ill or injured, because the chase only lasted for about 200 yards.’

Source: LACS Wildlife Guardian

Hunt Details: Cumbria Beagles

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