Hunters from two Cheshire Foxhound packs are under investigation by British Waterways officials after they were caught riding along canal towpaths, whilst hunting, by League Against Cruel Sports Hunt Monitors.

Riders from the Cheshire Foxhounds were involved in an incident last November when they rode along Shropshire Union Canal towpath damaging the path and splattering boats with mud.

The following month around twenty riders from the Cheshire Forest Hunt broke through a wire fence alongside the Trent and Merseyside Canal at Croxton, near Middlewich, and road along the towpath causing damage. They exited by breaking down a canal side fence. Later the same day, near Whatcroft Hall, four riders from the same hunt narrowly escaped death when their mounts plunged into the canal as they rode alongside it.

Waterways officials described the activities as, ‘irresponsible and dangerous’, and stated that the matter has been resolved to their satisfaction.’

League Regional Representative, Janet Smart, said, ‘I would have thought that responsible horse owners would know that they are not permitted to ride along canal towpaths. Apart from being an offence and damaging the towpaths, it is extremely hazardous to both themselves and legitimate users such as parents with prams and anglers.’

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Source: LACS Wildlife Guardian