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Claire Bellamy Lauderdale Hunt

Scottish Tory MSP urged to distance herself from fox hunt

A Senior Scottish Tory MSP is facing calls to “firmly distance herself” from a fox hunting group at the centre of a police probe.

Fernie Hunt supporter hammer attack

Police seek Fernie Hunt supporter who launched hammer attack on sabs

A shocking video has emerged of a man allegedly attacking Cambridgeshire-based saboteurs with a hammer.

Meynell and South Staffordshire Hunt farmer

Meynell Hunt supporting farmer tips manure over sabs in van

Lincoln Hunt Saboteurs were filmed being pursued by a tractor tipping manure

Surrey Union Hunt kill fox

Fox ripped to pieces by the Surrey Union Hunt

A pack of 30 to 40 dogs charged through people’s gardens, chased a herd of deer and mauled a fox to death, the saboteurs claim.


Countryside Alliance Tim Bonner

Countryside Alliance target hunt saboteurs again

Tim Bonner tries to stop hunt saboteurs filming the activities of hunts.

Archive News

Jim Barrington

James Barrington – Countryside Alliance ‘Animal Welfare Consultant’

Just as predictable as badger baiters claiming they were only ‘hunting rabbits’ are the articles and letters by James Barrington regurgitating his past.

Hunting with hounds

Masters of Foxhounds Association warns of shortage of foxes

The Sunday Mirror has learned that a letter sent by the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) to 800 hunt masters and chairmen warns of a nationwide “shortage of foxes”

Countryside Alliance Tim Bonner

Carping Countryside officials have to go

The Western Daily Press reluctantly reveals why it believes two of the top men at the Countryside Alliance must go.