Hunting with Dogs

Strengthen the Hunting Act

Hunting with Dogs

Criminality, violence and lies are the essence of hunting with dogs.

Digging Out Campaign for the Abolition of Terrier Work

Digging Out

Abolition Terrier Work

Digging Out

Terrier work is all too often a euphemism for fox and badger baiting.

United Utilities Campaign

United Utilities still allowing hunting

United Utilities

Campaign coming shortly!

Hunting News

Countryside Alliance Tim Bonner

Countryside Alliance target hunt saboteurs again

Tim Bonner tries to stop hunt saboteurs filming the activities of hunts.

Hunting hounds

Ten Cottesmore Hunt hounds killed in road accident

Ten hounds died after an horrific collision involving the pack of hunting dogs and a car on a country road.

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Thurlow Hunt members charged with illegal hunting

Two men are to appear in court over allegations that a fox was killed illegally on a hunt in Suffolk.

Crews used a specialist board to rescue one of the monitors from a thicket of brambles

Belvoir Hunt attack: Princess Diana’s sister vouches for violent attacker

A man who assaulted two charity workers monitoring a hunt has been given a suspended sentence after Princess Diana's eldest sister vouched for him.


Terrier Work Fox

Man stabbed fox to death to prevent suffering after dogs attacked it

Two men have been found not guilty of animal welfare and hunting offences after a fox was dug out of a hole and stabbed to death.

Red Kites targetted by shooters

Red kite shot dead in North Yorkshire

The bird of prey was discovered near Greenhow in Nidderdale.

Buzzard in flight

Police appeal after buzzard shot in Nidderdale, North Yorkshire

Police in North Yorkshire are appealing for information after the discovery of a bird of prey that was killed illegally.

Archive News

Jim Barrington

James Barrington – Countryside Alliance ‘Animal Welfare Consultant’

Just as predictable as badger baiters claiming they were only 'hunting rabbits' are the articles and letters by James Barrington regurgitating his past.

Hunting with hounds

Masters of Foxhounds Association warns of shortage of foxes

The Sunday Mirror has learned that a letter sent by the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) to 800 hunt masters and chairmen warns of a nationwide "shortage of foxes"

Countryside Alliance Tim Bonner

Carping Countryside officials have to go

The Western Daily Press reluctantly reveals why it believes two of the top men at the Countryside Alliance must go.

Big Buck Bunny
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Foxes and the Hunt

  • Foxed
  • The Hunt
    The Hunt
  • THE HUNT CULT Vote for Countryside Alliance
    THE HUNT CULT Vote for Countryside Alliance
  • A Minority Pastime - Trailer 3
    A Minority Pastime - Trailer 3
  • How some hunters treat their horses
    How some hunters treat their horses

Hounds Off
Hunt Saboteurs Association
Irish Council Against Blood Sports
Hare Preservation Trust
National Anti-Snaring Campaign