Sick Mentality

I watch my dogs play fighting most days out in the back yard going for the throat all the time… as the Jake I’ve seen him locked on to a fox jaw to jaw, then spin it over then a bite to the throat and shake all over and I can hear the bones in its neck crunching, lovely sound too.

Six Days of Hell for Terrier

On Sunday October 4th, I entered my Russell dog ‘Sam’ in a two holed spot on a disused railway banking at Ryehill. It is a well known spot for foxes and over the years many have been bolted from it. After ‘Sam’ had been in for 30 minutes a fox bolted.

After waiting a while and no sign of ‘Sam’ coming out I went to listen and could hear him strongly baying at a second fox. After waiting all day and no sign of the dog or the fox coming out I decided to enter my bitch ‘Bella’.

Both terriers could be heard getting to grips with the fox. I waited till 11pm when I blocked both holes and went home. I returned at 6.30am the next morning with Tony Bannister. We could hear both terriers and we both thought they were fast so we started digging. It soon became obvious that we needed some help because after a couple of feet we came across a lot of large rocks. I went home and rounded up some more Fell and Moorland Working Terrier Club lads. I returned with four more plus a Tirfor. After digging until 7.30pm it was obvious that we had a long way to go as the terriers could be heard right down in the bottom of the bank under a lot of large rocks.

On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday digging continued all day long. By mid morning Saturday the terriers could be heard getting nearer all the time. At 2pm we were very close and by moving some small rocks the bitch squeezed out, followed by the dog.

After SIX DAYS to ground both terriers were saved due to the tremendous effort by the club. After backfilling celebrations were held at the nearby pub.

Digging Out reply: Apart from the obvious cruelty to the dogs just image what the foxes had to endure!

Terrierman’s Sick Entertainment

A couple of months of ago my son chickens got taken by a fox so we set the trap, caught nowt and forgot about it, went onto the back field today to check on the sheep (ya i shag them) and next door farmer tells me I got some think in the trap, so upon looking I see its a cub no older then 12 weeks as it had all its young teeth, I was in to minds to let it go but the farmer who has over the years lost birds to foxes made me see sense! by saying this in a year could be taken the rest! So of I go and get my terrier Igot from trev (tested) lmfao.. along with a 9 month old first bull x, so I lifted the door to the trap and the terrier flew in and nailed the little cub until this little fellow bit him back, the terrier was in shock lol, and the cub was on the terriers back hissing at him and trying with its little teeth to bite him…

Well I tried to get the terrier out but the cub was by the door so no way would the terrier go past it. lmfao…so i went to get my 5 year old bitch who has been in two digs lasting 2 and 3 hours to rescue my big bad Tyson The bitch went mad as soon as she seen the cub and Tyson was hiding in the corner lol, so in goes the bitch the cubs leaps on her and she to ends up in the corner …now I am pissing myself along with the next door farmer, the bitch was more interested in eating the bait…. So I decided to let the cub go hoping deep down my bullx would nail him! Well I let the cub go it first went for me and the farmer fell over pissing himself, then the cub ran off with the bullx in pursuit ya!!! no the bull x was playing with it….3 big bad dogs cured to a 12 week old cub!!!! I haven’t laughed so much in years! seeing was believing…the farmer honestly pissed himself!!!! after it tried to get….the rest is history….LMFOA….I wish i could say this was made up to save face for my dogs but that was one f##k or of a….those sharp teeth were awesome…

Digging Out reply: Sorry for the spelling and bad grammar but it was written by a terrierman after all!

Badger Digging: The Good Old Days

I have never had a terrier with sticky up ears but in the good old days when badger digging was still legal in the UK, I have several times had badgers bite off the dogs ears.

Terrier Training

At sixteen weeks old the dog should be doing caged rats but at ten weeks give it a go should do them no problem sounds like he wants to do it now, put the mice in the cage next to him and see what he does, if he stands there its not the right time if he starts to bit the cage let them wind the dog up a bit before letting the mice or rat out, keep up posted and post a pic for us all to see.

When I think the dogs ready for a fox let them enter at their own pace, usually with an experienced terrier, my last entry entered at nine month old, at the end of the dig, she nearly pulled the face off a fox.

Badger Baiter Loses Two Dogs

Me and my friend lost two super dogs to the old b+w (badger) they were at it for 3 days my friend was pissed off he gave terriers up altogether saying nothing could compare to those 2 dogs they went down by mistake, got them out one dead and died one hour later, two days after found one dead sow and a completely f.cked boar (badger).

And They Call This Humane Pest Control

Just a question, if you don’t see a dead fox how do you know the terrier has killed…I have spoken to a few people about this…they say that terriers kill foxes and come out without having to pick up a spade…I’m not sure this doesn’t happen but I wouldn’t be happy unless I had seen the evidence?

This might sound obvious but you know its dead because the dogs come out, every time I’ve had a good fox killer come up I’ve dug down and all the foxes are dead.


Just had a phone call in work…it was from my 2 digging pals… they thought it would be funny to let me listen to my mates dog (brother to my pup) baying like f##k at a fox they have to ground in a shitty little earth (you could dig with a spoon).

Vixen Killed Defending Her Cubs

I had a five footer today in bad earth, 1 and a half hours got a vixen and she had cubs… seems a little early…what is the earliest you have seen cubs?

I did hear of a pack in North Wales had dug some at the beginning of month (February) with their eyes just opening, so al least 8 days old.

Such Compassion

I also was out yesterday 2 digs of around 4 or 5ft, 1 dog fox and 1 vixen very heavily in cub, we let her go and hopefully we will have more for next year.

Reality of Terrier Work

They reckon the most dangerous are the dogs that attack the rear legs of another dog or animal bringing it down to throat at their leisure…makes sense if you think about it…as for digging, a lot of foxes killed have their lower jaw smashed or broken, effectively stopping them defending themselves, then get throated.


We got a earth which is an old badger sett the terrier could be heard baying at the fox but seems to be having some trouble, we started digging and got down to about 12ft and broke through I could see the terrier had locked onto the fox and made a grab for it I had a good hold on it and hauled it and the terrier out.

Terriermen Compare Sizes

The deepest my mates and myself have had to dig is about 11ft and still registering before we got the dogs out but fox was left in that’s what you call a dig.

Terriermen: Even Dumber Than They Look

I’ve been speaking to a lot of people about this today and we have come to the decision that every one involved in hunting who hasn’t got a shot gun licence should apply for one, and every morning go out into the fields and start firing early every morning, whether it be anything or just in the air.

Severe Damage To Foxes

How many times have we seen a situation where we have dug down to a terrier to find that the fox has, the whole time, been brush on to the dog, with his head facing away, the terrier having his freedom to inflict severe damage.

Humane Pest Control?

From inside the borran you could hear the sound of a terrier fighting a fox. It went on for an hour, a terrible screaming, mixed with silence and barks followed by complete silence. Eight feet down the terriers began to chew at the warm corpse in front of them, they wouldn’t come out until they finished and were full.


From above the ground we could hear the terrible fighting below us. The screaming of dog and fox was only partly muffled by layers of earth and rock that separated us from it.