It is with the greatest regret that I have to announce the death of Kevin Saunders. I learned of this just this morning.

I was pleased to work with Kevin when he was in the Press Office of the League Against Cruel Sports in the 1990s. He kindly and generously supported the Animal Cruelty Investigation Group for many years. Kevin was a great campaigner – he always seemed to have that extra insight to put a new perspective on any campaign. He could fully exploit the weakness in the arguments from our opponents. He was a compassionate man always willing to go that bit further to help the helpless. This was never better shown than when he was severely injured helping someone in London.

I do not recall the exact circumstances but the key features were that he was walking away from a London underground station when he saw a complete stranger being assaulted by yobs. Without thought for his own safety he put his body between the victim and the assailants. The victim was saved but one of the three attackers stabbed Kevin in the back with a long stiletto knife. This pierced Kevin’s spleen and caused massive blood loss. Had it not been for the fact that they were right outside a London hospital Kevin would have died there and then. As it was Kevin lost his spleen and as a result suffered from ill-health ever after.
Kevin had also previously been injured by a hunt rider whilst trying to protect our wildlife.

Kevin was an inspirational campaigner, a courageous man, and a really nice bloke. He died far too young. We will miss him!

Our campaign moves on – in sadness but with determination.

Written and first published by Mike Huskisson – Animal Cruelty Investigation Group

Source: Animal Cruelty Investigation Group

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