A horrified cat owner found her beloved pet trapped in an illegal gin trap set near the family home.

One-year-old Motley was caught in the vicious jawed trap, outlawed some 50 years ago and thought to have been set by someone living near Shirley Flashman’s home at Gresham, near Cromer.

Motley has been treated by a vet and is back home safely, but she has a bandaged foot and has lost part of her front right paw. The young cat is also nervous of going outside, said Mrs Flashman.

“One morning various neighbours in the village heard a hideous yowling and my partner eventually found it was our cat caught in a gin trap,” said Mrs Flashman.

“I was horrified and poor Motley was in dreadful pain, complete agony. She has had excellent care from the vet, but we have been told she will have a permanent limp.”

Mrs Flashman said the police had attended and taken the “old and rusty” trap away.

“Who could have done such a senseless thing?

“Not only are these traps illegal, but it could have caught a dog or even a young child, with consequences which don’t bear thinking about.

“If anyone knows who the sick person responsible is, I would plead with them to come forward to the police.

“We have made several trips to the vet and it has not been a cheap experience, although that is hardly the point.

“Motley is fine in herself and the vet says she is healing very well, but she is very nervous – if you take her to the door she will scrap to get out of your arms.”

Vet Michael Morter at the Miramar surgery in Sheringham said such incidents were rare.

“It is the first animal I can think of which was definitely found in a trap,” said Mr Morter.

“Sometimes there is a suspicion an animal has been caught in such a trap and managed to get out.

“But this is the first time in my five and a half working years here that I have seen this.”

Anyone with information can contact the police on 0845 4564567 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Source: EDP24

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