A distressed Thornton couple were left horrified after their cat was trapped in an illegal “barbaric contraption” and had to have its leg amputated.

Hayley and Stephen Morrell, of Sandwell Avenue, Thornton, Lancashire, are warning children and other pet owners to watch out after their cat, Henry, was caught in a gin trap yards from their home. The family pet was maimed after getting caught in the disguarded trap near the railway line by Hillylaid Road, Thornton.

RSPCA inspector Bryony Jones says they are keen to speak to anyone with any information into the incident which happened on November 21, 2007.

He said: “This is a really shocking case, especially as the cat has now had to lose a limb as a result of his injury.

“Gin traps are illegal and designed with teeth so as when the prey steps into it the trap it closes and holds the animal there without killing it but often breaking its leg in the process.”

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