A cat owner is calling for anyone with illegal steel traps to hand them into police after her pet got caught in one.

Jane Leggitt from Donington in Lincolnshire said her cat Smudge was caught in a gin trap but managed to escape by dragging it into her house.

Steel traps have been illegal in the UK since the 1950s, wildlife crime officer Kevin Henson said.

Her cat suffered nerve damage to his shoulder and leg and had to be sedated for shock by her local vet.

Simply barbaric

Mrs Leggitt said her cat’s toes were still caught in the trap when he entered the house by the cat flap.

“The vet told me that the cat is lucky to have not lost his leg,” she said.

She said the cat had an X-ray, was sedated for the shock and suffered nerve damage as he tried to escape from the trap.

“These traps need rounding up and handing into the police or RSPCA – it is just barbaric.”`

Mr Henson said it is illegal to use a trap with steel jaws to restrain an animal.

About 60 traps were handed into the police and RSPCA during an amnesty held 18 months ago in Lincolnshire, he said.

Members of the public who find these traps are urged to contact their local police station or the RSPCA.

Source: BBC News

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