A LEOMINSTER family are warning cat lovers to keep an eye on their pets after their beloved moggy died after being caught in a spring trap.

Manda Dooner believes the trap must have been set close to their home in Hopyard Gardens after her daughter’s cat, Beauty, dragged herself home with paralysed back legs.

“She was quite badly damaged so I don’t think she could have pulled herself far,” said Mrs Dooner.

“Her back legs were paralysed. At first the vet thought she had been hit by a car but when they did the X-ray they found there were no breaks. She had dislocated her hips trying to escape the trap. All her tendons and muscles were lacerated.”

Beauty survived an initial operation but died during a second.

Mrs Dooner believes that, because it took a while for Beauty to appear and she was free of the snare, someone must have released her and possibly reset it.

Daughter, seven-year-old Lily, says the day Beauty died was ‘the saddest day ever’.

Mrs Dooner said: “Marches vet, Deborah Seamer was fantastic, she was very caring. I don’t think Beauty would have got as far as she did without her.”

RSPCA inspector Debbie Large said anyone who finds illegal ‘spring’ traps – like gin traps – should keep animals away and contact police or RSPCA on 08705 555 999.

“Some traps are not illegal, snares for example, if they are set in the appropriate place and in the correct way. It is the sprung, jaw-like traps we’re interested in,” she said.

Source: Halesowen News

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