FOLLOWING two cats being caught in illegal traps the local SSPCA and Police have announced an amnesty of such devices in Orkney.

Illegal snares and traps can be handed in to Kirkwall Police Station, with no questions asked.

Mike Lynch, Orkney SSPCA officer said: “We just want them out of circulation, and remove the temptation that some people may have to try them out. They will be taken away and destroyed.”

“We are offering this amnesty to try and rid Orkney of these illegal traps once and for all. They were commonplace in farming communities in the 1940’s but they have no place in society now and we would encourage anyone who has one, even if it is simply stored away in an out building, to hand it over.”

Any Orcadians wishing to hand over a gin trap or illegal snare to the Scottish SPCA should contact our Animal Helpline on 03000 999 999 and ask to be connected to the island’s Senior Inspector Mike Lynch. Alternatively, traps can be handed in to Kirkwall Police directly.

Source: Orkney Today

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