A Devon man has been fined for using gin traps on his land.

Paul Baker from Chasty Court in Holsworthy pleaded guilty to using a gin trap and causing unnecessary suffering to a wild animal.

Barnstaple magistrates fined Mr Baker £100 for setting a gin trap, £250 for inflicting suffering on a hedgehog plus £200 in costs.

Another charge relating to unnecessary suffering caused to two cats was dismissed due to lack of evidence.

The court was told Mr Baker was an animal lover and was “mortified” by what had happened.

Mr Baker’s solicitor said his client, who lives self-sufficiently on his Holsworthy smallholding, had used the gin traps in order to protect his animals from foxes.

A spokesperson for the RSPCA, which brought the case to court, said it would hopefully serve as a warning to anyone else thinking of using gin traps.

Source: BBC News

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