Our cat came home on December 28, 2007, screaming and obviously in great pain. To our horror he had a gin trap attached to his foot. We were unable to free him ourselves and had to take him to the vet with the trap attached.

He has luckily made a good recovery. However, if he had not been able to pull the trap away from the string, that was probably attached to a post, and reach our home with it, we would probably be wondering what had become of him. It is not in the interests of those who lay these illegal traps to release alive any unfortunate domestic pets that they may catch because the injuries sustained might lead to a police investigation.

I am asking people to be extremely vigilant, especially in the area of Newmill, Carfury and Mulfra, but in other areas too. If these traps are allowed to make a return to the countryside, nobody’s pets will be safe.

It is also a cruel and horrendous death for any wild animal. A fox we had been feeding in our garden has also disappeared and we fear the same fate may have befallen it. Those who lay these traps do not care for any animals or wildlife, they are scum. The matter has been reported to the police.

Source: This is Cornwall

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