Recently my son Adam called to say an injured fox was lying on his driveway. It was in great pain as it had a gin trap clasped around its front leg.

My son stayed to keep an eye on the badly-injured animal while I rang the RSPCA. They advised me I should contact the nearest vet.

Luckily we have a veterinary practice (Wicstun veterinary group) in the village. Although they were in the middle of surgery, they immediately arranged for a vet to come out – only 15 minutes later, Andrew arrived, assessed the situation and made two telephone calls.

The fox had by now crawled into some nearby bushes.

About 40 minutes later, a man arrived with a rifle – they assessed the situation, but its injuries were severe and it was in great pain, so mercifully was put out of its misery.

My son and I were appalled at the barbaric act of setting gin traps. Cats abound in the village and my blood runs cold at the thought of a loved pet dying in misery.

The field where it was found is in a central location in a village, easily accessible by children, what could have happened doesn’t bear thinking about.

The local council and the police are now aware of the problem, but please, if you have any knowledge of this unlawful act, please advise the authorities. Next time, it really could be a loved pet or a child.

Dorothea Desforges, South Cave.

Source: Hull Daily Mail

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