The RSPCA were called to collect a hedgehog from Cobs Field in Birmingham on Friday, 2 July. He had been seen sitting under a fence for a few days and tragically his leg was caught in a rat trap.

RSPCA Animal Collection Officer Simon Dix collected the hedgehog and took him to the RSPCA Birmingham Animal Hospital. Sadly the hedgehog’s leg had been so badly crushed that on veterinary advice he was put to sleep to end his suffering.

Mr Dix’s said: “This poor animal would have been in severe pain in this trap. It is of great concern that these traps are easily available and someone has set it in an area where clearly other animals are at risk.

“If you are using traps you are under a legal requirement to ensure they are not set in areas where other animals can become trapped in them. The fact this healthy hedgehog’s life was cut short was painful and unnecessary.”

The RSPCA approves of live traps only when the trap is capable of restraining an animal without causing pain, injury or distress and the trap is visited at least every 12 hours. There is no body-grip trap which does not cause unacceptable suffering.

Source: RSPCA

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