CHILDREN could be maimed by illegal animal traps being set on a Worcester playing field.

The gin traps, which have been outlawed for nearly 50 years, have been placed on the field used by youngsters behind Worcester Woods Countryside Centre, Spetchley.

A young cat has already lost her leg after being caught in one of the traps for more than two days, but now city councillors fear a child may be maimed.

“What sort of person would lay such a lethal trap on a piece of public land and allow an animal to be hurt like this?” asked Councillor Mike Layland, who represents the Nunnery ward.

“When you think what could have happened in such a busy area, with children and toddlers playing around and people walking their dogs, it makes it even worse.”

A city council spokesman said all organisations which own land in the area were looking into whether any other traps had been laid.

Sadie, an 18-month-old tabby cat, was taken straight to the vet after her owners found her caught in the trap.

Part of her front leg was hanging off, and it took more than an hour to remove the trap before vets at Ambleside Veterinary Clinic had to amputate her leg on Monday.

Sadie is now looking for a new home after her owners decided they could not cope with her.

The laying of traps has been condemned by the RSPCA, who say there were a few similar incidents in the area last year.

“The traps are lethal, which is why they’ve been outlawed for so long, but they can still be bought as curios and people are still using them,” said Jo Cunningham, spokeswoman for the RSPCA.

“All we can do is ask anyone who has information about these crimes, or has heard someone talking about it, to call us on 08705 555999.”

Anyone interested in adopting Sadie should call Ambleside Veterinary Clinic.

Source: Worcester News

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