A pet cat was recovering this weekend after dragging itself home with one blood-soaked paw crushed inside an animal trap.

Sigi hauled herself and the heavy metal trap more than 100 yards to her front door in Brickhill Lane, Ketley, Telford, after being snared somewhere near Ketley Rec.

The one-year-old cat’s owners rushed her to Companion Care in the Pets at Home store on the Wrekin Retail Park.

Her wound was cleaned and dressed and the vet managed to save her foot.

Head nurse at the practice Marian Peters said that the animal trap was illegal and whoever had laid it was “despicable”.

She said: “Sigi was brought in to us on Thursday.

“Her owners, an Eastern European couple, phoned to say she had come home with the trap still on her leg and they had managed to prise it off.

“I told them to come straight in with Sigi, which they did, and we cleaned the wound.

“It was amazing that she hadn’t lost her foot in the trap.

“As it was, the small bones in her paw were crushed and so all we could do was clean her up.

“There was also some swelling and so there could possibly be some nerve damage.

“We will have to see how we proceed when she comes back in for her post-op check in a couple of days.”

Mrs Peters said the owners believed Sigi had been in the Ketley Rec area when she got snared in the trap.

She added: “These kind of traps are inhumane and are illegal.

“Although it was a bit rusty they do rust quickly and so we don’t think it had been there that long.

“It could definitely have taken an animal’s leg off.”

Source: Shropshire Star

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