A CAT owner fears animal traps are being set in gardens in her neighbourhood placing local pets at risk of serious injury.

Ruth Martin, 33, who lives in Mulheim Close, Darlington, is concerned there may be an element of foul play going on in streets around her home after her cat came home with a badly injured leg.

The cat, Rosie, who is about a year old, had a badly mangled leg.

Mrs Martin said: “She was bleeding and limping in pain. It was horrible.”

After taking Rosie to the vets and incurring a bill of £150, Mrs Martin was alarmed when the vet told her the possible cause of the injury.

“The vet said Rosie’s injury could only be as a result of her being caught in a snare.

“I’m worried that someone in the area is setting this sort of traps in their garden to hurt local cats.”

Mrs Martin said she was devastated to see her cat in pain after the operation and has found the whole situation very distressing.

“She was crying all night after the cast was fitted. It was like having a baby – it kept us up all night.”

Mrs Martin, a care worker, said she thinks the incident might be related to a number of cats in the neighbourhood that have gone missing.

She has received three missing cat posters through her door in the past six months.

Mrs Martin told police about her concerns, but was told they could not help her without solid evidence of who was to blame for the incidents.

She is now planning to contact the RSPCA to see if the charity can help.

“I think there is something funny going on around here, and I want to get to the bottom of it, ” she said.

Do you know anything that could help solve the cat problem of Mulheim Close? Email tamasyn.guy-jobson@nne.co.uk or call 01325-505072.

Source: The Northern Echo

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