A Cat suffered horrific injuries after being caught in an illegal trap.

Animal welfare investigators say Sylvester the cat, who is owned by Becky Wilkinson, of Bridlington, is lucky to be alive after being clamped by a gin trap near his home.

The cat was forced to have his leg amputated due to the injuries caused by the device, which was outlawed in 1958.

The cat was missing for six days, before being discovered by a neighbour with the device still attached to his leg.

It is not known how long Sylvester had been trapped for before he was found, but it is thought he had tried to crawl back to his house, unable to break free from the steel trap.

He is now recovering from his ordeal and RSPCA officers want to catch and prosecute whoever set the trap.

RSPCA Inspector Geoff Edmond said: “The injuries this cat has suffered are horrific and so unnecessary.

“There is no need for anyone in this day and age to set the trap.

“In our job we have to deal with all sorts, but this really was terrible. This was a perfectly happy pet cat that suddenly has ended up losing a limb.

“Words don’t describe how I feel about it.

“This wasn’t an accident, the person who set it probably didn’t mean to trap a cat, but they meant to set a trap.

“A lot of strength is needed to set these traps.

“If we were to find out who set that trap we would prosecute.

“Sadly it’s not the first time the RSPCA has come across the use of these traps, despite them being illegal.

“People are still allowed to own them as an antique, but it is illegal to have it in use.”

Anyone with information about who may have owned or set the trap should call the RSPCA national cruelty hotline on 08705 555999.

Source: Hull Daily Mail

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