Shaun Bohanna
York and Ainsty North Hunt: Shaun Bohanna

A hunt worker was filmed attacking a female protester after confronting a group of animal rights activists.

Shaun Bohanna, 54, from Batley, West Yorkshire, is seen putting the woman in a headlock before appearing to hit her. 

The hunt ‘terrierman’ has been given a conditional caution by police for assault and criminal damage, after breaking the protester’s camera.

The footage, which was filmed in Youlton, North Yorkshire in November, was posted online by Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs, an animal rights group. 

At the start of the video, Bohanna is heard shouting at the activists to put their cameras down.

He says: ‘Take that camera, or I’ll ram it up your f****** a***. I’m telling you now, I don’t mind you demonstrating, take the cameras away . 

‘Are you f****** deaf? Someone take the cameras now.’

The woman behind the camera is then heard saying: ‘If you stop being threatening, I’ll put it down’.

Bohanna replies: ‘I’m not being threatening, I’m asking you to put the camera down’.

Another activist is heard telling him that he is being ‘very aggressive’, asking him to calm down. 

The terrierman responds: ‘I’m not aggressive. I’m not being aggressive.’ 

Bohanna then turns around and grabs a female activist around the neck, before appearing to hit her.  

When she runs to get her camera back from him, he is seen pushing her off him to the ground.

The woman then shouts: ‘He has just assaulted me and stolen my property.’  

Another man can be heard shouting at the activists: ‘You’re on private property, now f*** off’. 

Later on in the footage, the person filming asks the woman whether she has managed to get the camera back, to which she replies ‘slightly broken’.  

A spokesman for North Yorkshire Police said: ‘A 54-year-old man was interviewed as a voluntary attendee and has been issued with a conditional caution after he admitted assault and criminal damage against a woman in her twenties.

‘As part of the caution, he has been ordered to pay £200 for the cost of criminal damage the victim’s camera.’

Source: Daily Mail

Hunt Details: York and Ainsty North Hunt

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