MP for Peterborough Helen Clarke has called for violent pro-hunting protesters to be “locked up” after her guests at Westminster were covered in paint on Wednesday.

Thirty-two members of the Business Club, based in Lincoln Road, Peterborough, were invited by Mrs Clark for a tour of the House of Commons and lunch with MP Malcom Moss and herself.

Five of the group were waiting for their bus home when they were showered with paint.

Mrs Clark said: “It’s disgraceful. These people are breaching the peace. It’s absurd that they are getting away with it.”

Brian Sones, who caught the brunt of the paint, said today: “We were outside Westminster coffee shop, about 150 yards away from the protesters. We were suddenly all splattered with paint. The police said it was probably paintballs fired by catapults from the crowd.

“The protesters should have restrained themselves from action like this.”

Source: Peterborough Evening Telegraph

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