A tory peer sparked fury yesterday by branding a hospital’s nurses “grubby, lazy and drunken”.

Lord Mancroft said care staff, doctors and clinicians “are undisciplined, they are irresponsible and they are unprofessional”.

He told the House of Lords in a debate he was treated for an intestinal infection.

The peer said: “The nurses who looked after me last August were mostly grubby – dirty fingernails and hair – and were slipshod and lazy. Worst of all they were drunken and promiscuous.

“How do I know that? If you are lying in bed being nursed from either side they talk across you as if you’re not there.

“So I know exactly what they got up to the night before, how much they drank and what they were planning to do the next night.” He added: “I don’t care how much they have had to drink and who they have shagged. I’m not a prude.

“I don’t care who does what with whom. But I was a patient and I felt like death. I didn’t want to hear that.” The 50-year-old Eton educated former cocaine addict, who has founded two drugs charities, was treated at the Royal United Hospital in Bath. He claimed: “It is a miracle I am still alive.

“The wards were filthy. Under the bed lay a piece of dirty cotton wool and it remained there for days. The ward was never cleaned.

“I was extremely infectious but they took no precautions with me at all. They were furious when my wife wanted my bed cleaned.” Lord Mancroft said things improved after his wife had him transferred to the NHS-run Chelsea and Westminster.

He said: “I had two operations within 24 hours. If I had not had them I’m certain I would have died. That place was completely wonderful. The nurses were marvellous and it was spotless.” Royal College of Nursing chief Dr Peter Carter described Lord Mancroft’s comments on the Bath hospital as “grossly unfair”.

Health minister Ann Keen, a former nurse, said: “Everybody will be outraged. It’s a dreadful attack.”

£22,000 PAID to Lord Mancroft as an allowance for sitting in the House of Lords 94 days a year.

£17,000 A NURSE’S starting salary after a diploma or degree course for fulltime shift work.

WG Note: Lord Mancroft is the vice-chairman of the Countryside Alliance. In the run up to the Hunting Act, the Countryside Alliance created a poster featuring a hunting nurse to demonstrate the caring side of bloodsporters. It’s fair to say Lord Mancroft doesn’t love nurses unless they are the hunting type.

Source: Daily Mirror

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