PRO-HUNTING campaigners have been blamed for an attack on an MP’s office in Bolton. The “Alternative CA”, who claim to be a splinter group of the Countryside Alliance, are believed to be responsible for the incident.

Green British flags with Alternative CA logos were stuck to doors and windows of Brian Iddon’s office on St George’s Road. “Hunting is Freedom” was written across the outside of the building and some paint work was damaged.

The politician, who is against hunting, has decided to install CCTV cameras to protect both his staff and his property. But he is adamant that criminal behaviour by political activists will not achieve anything.

He said: “These people are not going to get me to support their cause in this way. They are vandals. They have never attempted to contact me via telephone or letter and when I find out who is responsible for this I shall be sending them the bill.”

Note: The Alternative Countryside Alliance was the name of the Real Countryside Alliance before they were inspired by the Real IRA.

Source: Bolton Evening News

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