York and Ainsty South Hunt Road Havoc
York and Ainsty South Hunt / Badsworth and Bramham Moor Hunt road havoc (Image: York Anti-Hunt League)

A hunting dog was reportedly hit and killed by a car when a New Year’s Day hunt spilled onto a main rod.

The hound was allegedly struck on Selby Road near Howden during a hunt – and witnesses have claimed they saw a dead dog being “chucked in the back of a van”.

On the same day, an anti-hunting activist also filmed the “very graphic” moment when a fox was chased and mauled to death by a pack of hounds.

It happened after hundreds of people gathered in Howden’s Market Square as the annual hunt set off towards the A63, where one witness reported seeing 20 to 25 dogs “running loose” on the roads.

York Anti-Hunt League, which shared photos of the hunt online, described it as “absolute carnage.”

Humberside Police said it received reports from members of the public that a dog had been killed in a collision – but officers were unable to find anyone involved in the incident.

The York Anti-Hunt League said online: “We headed back to the A63 in anticipation of them leaving the Knedlington Estate but weren’t prepared for the absolute chaos on the road.

“Just before getting there we heard that a couple of local people who were on their way to York had witnessed a hound which had obviously been killed on the road being shoved unceremoniously into the back of a van – an extremely upsetting sight for anyone to witness.”

A Humberside Police spokesperson said: “We were made aware of reports that a dog had been killed in a collision on Selby Road, Howden, at around 1.30pm on Wednesday, 1 January

“Officers in the area were unable to find any one involved in the incident and the owner of the dog did not report the matter”.

Source: Selby times

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