Jeremy Charman
Jeremy Charman

Jeremy Charman, a hunt terrierman of the Crawley and Horsham Hunt based in Sussex has been fined £80.00 by police after throwing a dead rabbit at hunt monitors in November 2007.

Hunt monitors attending the hunt near Shipley, West Sussex were followed by “hunt stewards” to a veterinary practice when they found a rabbit suffering from myxamatosis. In an attempt to mock this humanitarian assistance for a sick animal, Charman was later videoed throwing a dead rabbit at monitors, shouting: “Try to revive this fucker.”

In November 20006, Charman was videoed digging into a badger sett at the Heaselands estate, West Sussex after the Crawley and Horsham Hunt had chased a fox to ground. As a result, Sussex police have issued new guidelines to police and are determined not to allow hunts to dig out badger setts in future.

Hunt Details: Crawley and Horsham Hunt

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