POLICE were called to the grounds of Randle Brooks’ estate on Saturday after an alleged skirmish.

Cheshire Police said hunt saboteurs called at 1.30pm claiming one of them had been assaulted.

The allegation was later dropped, but officers are still investigating a claim that a hunt supporter smashed a saboteur’s video camera.

“We have taken a statement and to that end we will be investigating,” said a spokesman.

The North West Hunt Saboteurs Association emailed the Knutsford Guardian about the alleged incident.

Spokesman Dawn Preston said they had attended Peover Hall to check members of the Cheshire Forest Hunt were not breaking the law.

She claimed the saboteur was filming the hunt when the supporter allegedly snatched the camera and broke it. “We believe this was a desperate attempt to try to prevent us from getting evidence,” she said.

More than 50 hounds are kept in kennels in Peover Park where Mr Brooks, who owns Rostherne and parts of Knutsford, lives when he is in Cheshire.

Source: Knutsford Guardian

Hunt Details: Cheshire Forest Hunt

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