A HUNT master today apologised to a family whose garden was invaded by hounds.

The Frederick family, of Thorp Arch, near Wetherby, were at home when the Bramham Hunt’s hounds ran into their garden and killed a fox in front of Mike Frederick’s children, aged ten and 12.

Steven Clarke, joint master of the Bramham hunt, confirmed today that the Frederick family witnessed a fox being killed in their garden as they ate lunch on Saturday.

As he offered an unreserved apology to the family he said: “We don’t like killing foxes in people’s gardens.”

The incident happened after 12 hounds went off the track in pursuit of the fox and ran into Walton Chase.

There were 40 mounted hunters with the pack of 38 hounds.

The Frederick family handed the fox carcass to the RSPCA.

Mr Clarke added: “This has caused genuine distress to innocent people. It doesn’t do us any good or the plight of fox hunting.

“If people don’t live in the countryside, they are not used to seeing any animal being killed, or the object of a fox hunt.”

The incident comes several days after a North Yorkshire barrister reported that her home had been invaded by hounds from the Bedale Hunt.

Serena Hunter-Cohen, of Great Smeaton, was knocked over by hounds.

She told the police that she had feared for her baby’s life when two of the hounds came into her living room.

She added that, being a barrister, she was fully aware of her options regarding prosecuting through the civil court.

The incident also follows a similar case last season, when hounds from the Bramham hunt chased through the garden of a house in Ryther, near Selby.

Source: Gazette & Herald

Hunt Details: Badsworth and Bramham Moor Hunt

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