Hunt saboteurs in the north west today condemned the Holcombe Hunt after its supporters, riders and staff showed no regard yet again for the fate of a hound which was injured after falling 30 feet down a cliff.

The incident occurred when the hunt met at Holt Lane Farm, Brindle, near Chorley, which is the home of Hunt Master, Arnold Greenhalgh. North West Hunt Saboteurs Association (NWHSA) were in attendance to use non-violent direct action in order to prevent the hunt from killing foxes or hares following a tip off from a from a concerned member of the local community.

During the afternoon the pack of hounds was seen hunting near a cliff face, when one of the hounds fell. The saboteurs were at the incident within seconds to attend to the hound. One saboteur then picked up the dying hound, which had blood streaming from its mouth, and ran over to the nearby road to get help.

Despite the presence of 20 hunt supporters at the road they all ignored the saboteurs pleas for help and it was not until a member of the hunt staff decided to intervene after several minutes that a supporter reluctantly decided to put the injured hound in his Landrover. It is not known what happen to the injured hound but sabs present feared for its life, especially after the unnecessary delay in taking it for treatment.

Following the incident Paul Timpson spokesperson for the NWHSA said “The complete lack of concern shown by the hunt and their supporters over the incident is disgraceful and highlights the hunt’s blatant disregard for life – whether it be fox, hare or hound. It also goes to show that the hunt see the hounds as expendable as they just carried on hunting as if nothing had happened”.

He also continued “Following a incident five years ago when sabs helped save the lives of two hounds from nearly drowning in a reservoir, it would be appreciated if the hunt would publicly thank the sabs for their help yet again.

“Until such time as this cruel, barbaric and unnecessary torment of our wildlife is banned, hunt saboteurs will use non-violent direct action to save the lives of the hunted animals.”

Source: NWHSA

Hunt Details: Holcombe Hunt

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