A family saw a pack of hounds savage their pet cat in their own garden.

Jennifer Kervell and her two daughters were preparing lunch when about 30 hounds entered their garden and attacked the four-year-old cat, Holly.

Mrs Kervell, 30, from Combwich, near Bridgwater, Somerset, said her daughters, aged four and seven, screamed as they watched Holly being killed.

The hunt involved has apologised and offered to buy a new pet for the family, or pay for vet’s fees.

“One minute we were admiring the beautiful hounds then we suddenly realised they were sniffing around our garden for something.


“The hounds went out of view for a moment, then I realised they had hold of something.

“I could see it was Holly. I told the girls to go into the dining room but they wouldn’t listen.

“They saw everything and were screaming and screaming.”

Mrs Kervell, who has two dogs of her own, said the hounds were still sniffing around when she went outside, following the incident on Christmas Eve.

Joint master of the West Somerset Vale Hunt, Robin Cursham said: “We are very sorry it happened.

“We have apologised to the owners of the cat and we have been back twice to see them.

“We have offered to recompense them for any vet’s fees or if they want to buy another cat.”

Source: BBC News

Hunt Details: West Somerset Vale Hunt

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