A foxhound was hit and killed by ‘two cars’ after pursuing a fox right beside a busy motorway.

The animal was run over on the A14, near Thrapston, during a Fitzwilliam (Milton) Hunt on December 8. Images of the dog were then uploaded to Facebook by saboteurs who had been trying to disrupt the hunt.

The Fitzwilliam Hunt foxhound was killed on the A14
The Fitzwilliam Hunt foxhound was killed on the A14 (Picture: Beds & Bucks Hunt Sabs)

‘The Fitzwilliam Hunt have just irresponsibly hunted a fox as far as the busy A14 dual carriageway near Thrapston,’ a North Cambs Hunt Sabs representative wrote.

‘The fox escaped, but hounds in full cry burst on to the A14 searching for their quarry.

‘One hound was tragically killed after being hit by two cars. Another innocent victim of the criminal Fitzwilliam Hunt.’

A Fitzwilliam (Milton) Hunt spokesperson stated that staff members had been deliberately blocked at the scene by the saboteurs and said they had notified the police

Fitzwilliam Hunt staff carry foxhounds body away
The two hunt staff carry the foxhounds’s body away from the carriageway and into a wooded area nearby (Picture: North Cambs Hunt Sabs)

They said: ‘The Fitzwilliam (Milton) Hunt can confirm that today one hound went onto the A14 and was killed in a collision with a car.

‘The hound was killed outright, the car driver was not injured and we thank her for her sympathy and understanding after this most unfortunate accident.

‘The Hunt was pursuing legal activities near Thrapston.

‘Two Hunt staff were deliberately impeded by five or more hunt saboteurs, with one member of Hunt staff almost being pulled from his horse by a saboteur grabbing his whip.

‘The police have been informed and attended the scene.’

A North Cambs Hunt Sabs spokesperson told the Peterborough Telegraph that the accusations were unfounded.

Source: Metro

Hunt Details: Fitzwilliam Hunt

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