“The hounds very rarely see a vet.” Huntsman Gary Thorpe.

East Essex Huntsman Gary Thorpe has published an attempted rebuttal of a North London Hunt Saboteurs post in which we commented on his puppy mill operation.

In doing so he has walked roughshod over countless other hunts claims that hounds are given the very best veterinary care and rehomed when too old to hunt.

Huntsman Thorpe’s excuse for not rehoming the dogs? It would be “quite upsetting for them.”

Thorpe admits he prefers to shoot sick and old hounds with “the same pistol I use to euthanize horses and livestock on a daily basis,” because “they don’t enjoy a trip to the vets.”

He then claims that kennel staff administer “most of the medications they [the hounds] require.” We find this difficult to believe as K-9 medication for one dog, nevermind dozens, is usually costly. Furthermore, the East Essex only have two paid employees, and Gary Thorpe is no vet.

He then claims that most of the dogs he shoots are 8, 9 or 10 years old. Which obviously is not old for most breeds, it’s middle aged, but all dogs start to naturally slow down around that age which means they are no good to Gary for his illegal fox hunting.

What Thorpe fails to mention is what happens to the puppies who don’t show an aptitude to hunting.
They will often be “euthanized” too.

Gary Thorpe confirms what we all already knew. A hunts dogs are no more than a tool. A tool that can be disposed off when it is no longer useful.

Hunt Details: East Essex Hunt

Source: North London Hunt Saboteurs