Four dead foxes were dumped outside an RSPCA hospital – alongside a copy of a hunting magazine.

The charity – which supports a hunting ban – blamed disgruntled hunt supporters for leaving the young animals at Manchester hospital.

The foxes had suffered major injuries and had bite wounds caused by dogs.

Last week, MPs voted to ban hunting with dogs. Supporters claim a ban would have a massive affect on those whose livelihoods depend on hunting.

A copy of a country sports magazine had been placed alongside the foxes outside the building on Eccles New Road.

The bodies were left in bags near the entrance to the animal hospital.

‘True barbarity’

John Rolls, RSPCA director of Animal Welfare, said: “We can only presume this is the work of disgruntled hunters who, by leaving the bloody carcasses of wild animals in a public thoroughfare, only serve to illustrate their disregard for the public and the democratic process.”

The RSPCA says that the young foxes were probably used for training young hounds.

Mr Rolls added: “The actions of those responsible for the incident show the true barbarity of hunting with dogs – where foxes are picked at random to chase and kill.”

The ban on hunting with dogs will be debated in the House of Lords next month, but would not come into force until July 2006.

Source: BBC News

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