Cheshire Foxhounds member and international show jumper, Keith Shore has been issued with a Police caution for threatening behaviour against a volunteer League Against Cruel Sports hunt monitor.

During a Cheshire Hounds Hunt on 12th February 2013 at Church Minshull in Cheshire, Keith Shore, 49, from Little Leigh, near Northwich, threateningly rode his horse at a 65 year old female volunteer monitor and attempted to rip a camera from around her neck, putting her in fear of severe injury.

Unknown to Mr Shore, his actions were filmed by another hunt monitor. The incident was then reported to the Police, resulting in Mr Shore being given a Police Caution under Section 4 of the Public Order Act, for his behaviour.

The 65 year old victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, comments: “I attended the hunt legally and peacefully to gain video evidence of any illegal hunting taking place. During the course of the hunt, whilst filming from within a few paces of a public footpath, huntsman Keith Shore galloped directly at me shouting very aggressively followed by the other riders.

“I was terrified and froze on the spot as he did not seem to be slowing down to stop; he then attempted to rip my camera from around my neck and at the same time dragging me into his horse. More riders then joined in and used their horses and riding crops to force me down an embankment. It was a very distressing incident”.

Joe Duckworth, Chief Executive of the League Against Cruel Sports adds: “League monitors have the right to observe hunts without the fear of being threatened or assaulted for doing so. Despite the Hunting Act, hunts continue to flout the law causing cruelty and suffering to our wildlife. Our monitors are in place to catch any illegal activity to bring those responsible to justice.”

Hunt Details: Cheshire Hunt

Source: League Against Cruel Sports