The news of an attack on a pet dog on a beach by hunting hounds has given another woman courage to come forward to speak about a horrific attack on her cat.

Tash Tozer-Martin claims that her cat had a massive wound on its cheek and needed surgery after infection set in. She says that she returned home to Newbridge, Cornwall following a shopping trip. And she found the cat “shaking like a leaf”:

“He was all blown up, hissing and spitting. I opened my back door to find a fox hound at the door. I battled with the dog and managed to get it away. It took several minutes to get the dog off my property and it made several attempts to bite me.”

According to Tozer-Martin, the cat “lost his entire cheek”. She also said that it was “still bald on his face” and that the “dog’s tooth went straight through his cheek and infection set in”.

The Western Hunt is alleged to be responsible for the attack.

Tozer-Martin contacted the hunt. But she was not pleased with the response. She said that:

“The hunt master stood in my kitchen and assured me that the hounds had no interest in my cats, dogs or me. I now live in fear of a return visit.”

Hunt Details: Western Hunt

Source: The Canary