Pro-hunt supporters left the mutilated corpse of a fox on the doorstep of West Lancashire MP Colin Pickthall.

Mr Pickthall was confronted with the grim discovery at his home on Sunday morning. A note was tied around the neck of the dead fox warning: “Not over till the last horn blows”.

The MP said the fox must have been in the prime of its life before it was shot. He believes the animal was killed purely for his benefit because of his 13-year campaign to end blood sports.

He said: “It was a ‘we know where you live’ message, but everybody knows where I live anyway, judging by the amount of people who drop in.

“That said, I don’t like my home and my family being involved in this as they have got nothing to do with it. It’s me who does the campaigning, not them.”

If the sender’s intention was to threaten the MP into being less forthright about his anti-blood sports beliefs, then it seems they have failed.

“I think they’re foolish because all they do is firm up the resolve of these people who are glad that the ban has come in. I’m even more stubborn now,” he added.

“The law is now in place. I under-stand that some people will be angry, but the way to make a point is through legitimate protest, argument and democratic voting.

“These people really must find other ways of exercising their views. I find it rather sad.”

Source: Ormskirk & Skelmersdale Advertiser

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