Hunt officials today apologised after foxhounds ran through a private garden in an East Yorkshire village.

The angry property owners at Ottringham also complained that the Holderness Hunt was chasing a fox.

Police were alerted and a hunt official apologised to them and the owners of the property on the edge of the village, near Withernsea.

Today, farmer Chris Richardson, hunt joint master, said: “We temporarily lost sight of the hounds near the village while following an artificial trail.

“Because it was so wet, the huntsman was staying clear of a field of standing crops to avoid any damage and that’s when the hounds ran across the garden.

“We were not aware that hounds were pursuing a fox and got them back together as quickly as possible without any damage being done.”

Mr Richardson said it was an unfortunate incident and the hunt had apologised to all concerned.

He said: “The hounds did not career though Ottringham and it was something that happened on the edge of the village.

“We are not in the habit of letting hounds run through private gardens and it is the first complaint we have had this season.

“If there had been any damage we would have put it right straight away.”

The incident happened after the hunt had met at Halsham, near Ottringham, on Tuesday, February 10.

A Humberside Police spokesman said they had investigated   two complaints about the hunt at Ottringham but there was no evidence of any offence being committed.

The first call from a member of public shortly after midday was over concerns about horses, hounds and vehicles potentially obstructing the road.

He said:  “At about 1pm, a second person reported that the hunt had run into his garden in Station Road and a fox had been attacked by hounds.

“Police officers attended the area and located members of the hunt and spoke to a number of them.

“They were made aware of the allegation of damage, trespass and upset caused to local residents however at this time no dead fox has been located and as such there is no evidence of any offences.”

Source: Hull Daily Mail

Hunt Details: Holderness Hunt

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