A young dog is recovering after being tied to a park fence and used as “bait” by a group of men teaching their dogs to fight.

The two-year-old female Bullmastiff cross, named Eleanor by rescue centre staff, was attacked by a number of dogs in St Ann’s in Nottingham on Monday.

She received bites to her face and shoulder before a passer-by intervened to end the attack.

Community safety wardens described the men involved as “despicable”.

Eleanor is now being kept at the Babbington Rescue Centre in Nottingham where she is said to have made a remarkable recovery.

Tony Sanderson, centre owner, said: “She came in with multiple puncture wounds on her face and shoulder and her face was really swollen out.

Sickening injuries

“She looked a very sorry state and was very unhappy and nervous.

“I see it as an inhumane act. If you can do this to a dog you can probably do it to a human as well.”

Eleanor received bites to her head and body

Zoe Bestall, a dog control officer for Nottinghamshire Police’s Community Protection Directorate, said: “I’ve seen many things and not much shocks me now but when I saw her on Monday, I was extremely shocked.

“I felt sick to my stomach looking at her injuries.”

Rescue centre staff said they did not know how the men had come to have Eleanor.

An investigation into the attack, which is said to have involved “Staffordshire bull terrier-type dogs”, has been started by community safety wardens from Nottingham City Council.

It is hoped Eleanor can make a full recovery in a loving home.

Mr Sanderson said: “Obviously she’s a little nervous at the moment but hopefully in a secure environment she’ll be very happy and give somebody a lot of love.”

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