Illegal gin traps kills feral cat and injures another

ONE cat is dead and another has had a leg amputated after being caught in illegal gin traps at Bullgill.

Distressed residents rescued the two feral cats during the week and said they are afraid that more animals will be caught in the lethal traps, which they say are being laid on an old railway siding.

West Cumbria Cats Protection League spokeswoman Jill Sharpe said the use of these illegal poachers’ traps was alarming.

An RSPCA spokesman said the incident had not been reported to the organisation but added: “We are very concerned to hear reports of these traps being set.

“They cause extensive suffering. The animal does not die instantly and is in a lot of pain and distress. There are far more humane ways to kill foxes and rabbits if necessary.”

He said gin traps were outlawed almost 50 years ago.

Anyone caught setting such a trap could face a fine of up to £1,000 and a maximum jail sentence of six months.

Source : Times & Star