Brother of Olympic medalist convicted of cruelty

Edward Lucy, 22, brother of Olympic rowing silver medalist Tom Lucy, has pleaded guilty to clubbing trapped crows to death in a Multi-trap cage.

Mr Lucy of Monmouth, appeared at Newport Magistrates Court this morning, Thursday 28th May 2009 and pleaded guilty to Sec 1(1)(a) Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 – Killing wild birds.

Edward Lucy Multi Trap Cruelty YouTube play

Against Corvid Traps was able to track Mr Lucy down after he posted shocking video footage on YouTube and we reported it to the appropriate authorities.

The shocking video was removed from You Tube but we had saved the brutal video as it shows for the first time what really happens when crows are caught in these traps.

We believe this is happening all the time as thousands of these traps are in place on game shooting estates and mores, where crows are blamed for predation on game bird’s eggs and young.

A spokesman for Against Corvid traps said: “Crow traps are the cruel underbelly of game bird shooting. We always wondered how they kill the trapped birds and this video answers it. The magistrates told Edward Lucy he should be ashamed, but all those who go shooting should be ashamed as this sort of thing is going on all the time to ensure plenty of game birds for shooting.”

Source : Against Corvid Traps