The kennel huntsman of the Sinnington Hunt, Nicholas David Thornicroft, and the Sinnington Hunt terrierman, James Wayne Otterburn, have been given a police conditional caution and ordered to pay compensation to local Councillor Tommy Woodward.

Mr Woodward had been monitoring the Sinnington Hunt, when a masked man on a quad bike approached his vehicle.

Whilst Mr Woodward was on the phone to the police, the masked man opened the passenger door of Mr Woodward’s van and stole his camcorder. It was later discovered that Nick Thornicroft, a former Yorkshire County Cricketer, was responsible for the theft.

As Mr Woodward went to try and recover his camcorder, Mr Woodward’s mobile phone was grabbed and broken by James Otterburn.

The camcorder was never recovered.

Under police questioning, both men admitted that they were responsible. Nick Thornicroft was ordered to pay Mr Woodward £210 and James Otterburn £90.

Hunt Details: Sinnington Hunt

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