THE headteacher of the 70-pupil Nassington School today criticised the pro-hunt campaigners for mounting their protest on the day a new 155,000 Learning Centre was officially opened at the school.

The centre, which was opened by MP Phil Hope, features 15 computers, an interactive white board and a computerised library.

It was built with cash raised by the Friends of Nassington School and a grant from the local authority.

Headteacher Paul Archer said: “It was a very special day for us and I’m disappointed that they chose to protest outside the school.

“It was a brilliant day, but we were just sorry that they felt they had to protest about something not linked to us outside our school.”

Mr Hope said: “They were chanting and shouting at me as I got into my car. The worst thing is that they did this outside a primary school. There is a time and a place for everything, but this was appalling.”

Source: Peterborough Evening Telegraph

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