Master of Foxhounds is cautioned by Cheshire police

Royal friend and call that shocked a hunt protester

A hunting friend of Prince Charles has been cautioned by police after making a late-night phone call to a woman anti-bloodsports campaigner. David Woolley, Master of the Cheshire Foxhounds Hunt, called policeman’s wife Janet Smart on his mobile phone at 1.25am.

The anonymous call to Mrs Smart’s home left her feeling ‘shocked and threatened’ and she reported it to police. Mr Woolley yesterday admitted making the call last November. But he denied making any threats, saying he had only wanted Mrs Smart to persuade extreme animal rights activists not to use violence against the hunt. Mr Woolley claimed he had not realised the time when he made the call.

The 39-year-old grandson of the late NFU president Lord Woolley has hunted with Prince Charles on his farmland estate at Huxley, near Chester. He has been heavily involved in hunting for more than 30 years. Mrs Smart, regional head of the League Against Cruel Sports, suspected Mr Woolley of making the call to her home and immediately called the police. She said, “He had an upper class accent and I thought it might be him.”

Detectives called on the huntsman and insisted on seeing his mobile phone bill. Mrs Smart’s home number and the time of the call were clearly logged on the itemised bill and Mr Woolley admitted making the call. The Crown Prosecution Service decided that he should receive a formal caution because of his previous good character.

Yesterday Mrs Smart said she had felt extremely threatened during the call. She added: “The call woke me up and I was extremely frightened for myself and my children. It was very unnerving.”

Mr Woolley confirmed yesterday that he had been cautioned.

Source : Daily Express

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