Crawley and Horsham Hunt’s bird man cautioned

The Crawley and Horsham Hunt’s eagle owl man has admitted assaulting a female hunt monitor on 18th November 2006 and has received a formal police caution. The incident took place at Middle Wood, Trawlers Farm, Southwater, West Sussex.

Crawley and Horsham Hunt's eagle owl

The Crawley and Horsham hunt had been using an eagle owl to try and claim “exempt hunting.” Just before their owl man was placing the bird in the back of Cherokee Jeep L919 5NJ, he spat at one hunt monitor, before the following dialogue took place:

Monitor: “If ever your eagle owl takes a fox, I’d get it in the Guinness book of records if I were you.”
Owl man: “You don’t know what you are talking about, you dozy old wanker – why don’t you just fuck off and leave me alone, it’s nothing to do with you.”
Monitor: “Why don’t you go on the bird of prey sites and see what they have to say?”

This monitor then crossed the path of another monitor. The owl man, confused as to who had spoken, then goes to the wrong monitor and stands within a few inches of her, before pushing the camera hard into her face.

Source : Cruelty Exposed

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